Group Companies

The group comprises two publishing companies, each of them having imprints for various genres. Besides, service companies have also been founded to provide the necessary infrastructure and support for each Publishing House. One of the main concerns of the service companies is to ensure that procedures are followed smoothly and efficiently, in order to optimize our services for both authors and readers.

Publishing Houses

OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG

    Academic Imprints

  • AV Akademikerverlag (German)

    The Akademikerverlag‘s publishing program focuses on theses accredited by German, Austrian and Swiss universities.

  • Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften (German)

    Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften publishes dissertations, postdoctoral theses and research treatises authored in English and German.

  • Saarbrücker Verlag für Rechtswissenschaften (German)

    The Saarbrücker Verlag für Rechtswissenschaften‘s catalog features dissertations, habilitation treatises, commentaries, celebratory writings, textbooks, research projects as well as jurisprudential proceedings written in German language.

  • Lehrbuchverlag (German)

    The Lehrbuchverlag is lecturers’ and professors’ publisher for textbooks and educational material. The language of publication is German.

  • Lambert Academic Publishing (English, Russian)

    Lambert Academic Publishing specializes in the publication of theses, dissertations and habilitation treatises endorsed by universities from all over the world; from the USA through Russia, down to Asia. Its titles are in English and Russian language.

  • Scholars’ Press (English)

    The publisher Scholars’ Press is entirely dedicated to the publication of dissertations, habilitation treatises, research projects and proceedings written in English.

  • Éditions universitaires européennes (French)

    The Éditions Universitaires Européennes publishes scientific works, such as Bachelor and Master theses in French language.

  • presses académiques francophones (French)

    The Presses Académiques Francophones‘ catalog consists of doctoral theses, dissertations and research projects produced by universities of the Francophone community.

  • Editions juridiques franco-allemandes (French)

    Editions Juridiques Franco-Allemandes (EJFA) is a Franco-German publishing house which specializes in jurisprudential publications. It was founded by Prof. Sophie Hocquet-Berg and Pierre Tifine of the University of Lorraine and Prof. Claude Witz and Philippe Cossalter of the Saarland University.

  • Editorial Académica Española (Spanish, English)

    The publisher Editorial Académica Española showcases exclusively academic works (such as Master theses) written by Spanish-speaking authors.

  • Palmarium Academic Publishing (Russian)

    Palmarium Academic Publishing‘s portfolio targets doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations brought forth by Russia’s and post-Soviet states’ universities.

  • PUA – Publicaciones Universitarias Argentinas (Spanish)

    Publicaciones Universitarias Argentinas specializes in the publication of research notes and articles produced by Argentinian universities in Spanish language.

  • Publicia (Spanish)

    Editorial PUBLICIA‘s book catalog presents doctoral dissertations, habilitation treatises and scientific researches in Spanish language.

  • Edizioni Accademiche Italiane (Italian)

    Edizioni Accademiche Italiane publishes scientific works such as Bachelor and Master theses written by Italian authors.

  • Novas Edições Acadêmicas (Portuguese)

    Novas Edições Acadêmicas is our publisher for scientific works written in Portuguese. Its books are not only interesting for Portugal, but also for the South American market.

  • Wydawnictwo Bezkresy Wiedzy (Polish)

    Academic treatises written in Polish are targeted by Wydawnictwo Bezkresy Wiedzy.

  • GlobeEdit (Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian)

    GlobeEdit publishes scientific works such as Bachelor and Master Theses or dissertations in Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Latvian language.

    • Christian Imprints

    • Fromm Verlag (German)

      Fromm Verlag is consecrated for the publication of writings revolving around religion, spirituality, theology and life coaching. The Christian faith is the essence of its devotion and published titles.

    • Blessed Hope Publishing (English)

      Blessed Hope Publishing dedicates its publishing services to manuscripts written on Christianity by anglophone priests, pastors, reverends, apostles, evangelists and missionaries.

    • Éditions Croix du Salut (French)

      Editions Croix du Salut promotes the Christian faith in francophone countries by publishing books written on a wide range of classical and contemporary issues in theology.

    • Sanktum (Russian)

      Sanktum Publishing fosters the understanding of the Christian faith by publishing sermons, prayers, and religious essays in Russian language.

    • Credo Ediciones (Spanish)

      Credo Ediciones brings forth Spanish books exploring the Christian theology.

    • Edizioni Sant’Antonio (Italian)

      Edizioni Sant’Antonio targets an Italian-speaking audience seeking to deepen its comprehension of the Christian faith.

    • Wydawnictwo Ziarno Wiary (Polish)

      Wydawnictwo Ziarno Wiary reaches out not only to the Christian Polish community but also to the uncounted members of the Polish diaspora.

    • Andakt Forlag (Norwegian)

      In Norway Christian books are published by Andakt Forlag.

      • Coaching Imprints

      • Trainerverlag (German)

        Trainerverlag serves the German market with manuscripts specialized in coaching, guidance, training and mentoring.

      • Drugoe Reshenie (Russian)

        Drugoe Reshenie reaches out to a Russian-speaking audience with a series of books about coaching, guidance, training and mentoring.

        • Fiction and Novel Imprints

        • Justfiction Edition (English)

          Novels and short stories authored by young authors are turned into books at JustFiction. Everyone, including unknown authors get a chance to publish their manuscripts.

        • Yam Publishing (Russian)

          The Russian publisher YAM Publishing has an extensive portfolio of novels and short stories written by a young and yet unknown authors.

          • Special-Interest Imprints

          • Bloggingbooks (German, English, French, Russian)

            With Bloggingbooks, events and information, that are presented in a chronological order on the internet, get a new dimension. We believe that blogs deserve being published! BloggingBooks‘ portfolio features books in German, English, French and Russian.

          • Dictus Publishing (German, English, French, Spanish, Russian)

            Democratic ideals are given a louder voice thanks to Dictus Publishing which publishes various political manuscripts in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

          • Verlag Natur und Leben (German)

            Verlag Natur & Leben publishes books about country-life and nature for a German-speaking audience. Whether it be about recipes, gardening or decoration tips; advocates of the traditional lifestyle will find here the right publishing platform.

          • Editiones Originum (German)

            Editiones Originum‘s efforts are invested in the preservation of local, regional and urban history by giving to these writings the right of getting published.

          • Verlag Lebensreise (German)

            Many life stories are worth being told. Verlag Lebensreise‘s speciality is to give to exciting biographies a new life between two book covers.

          • Verlag Familienbande (German)

            The German publisher Verlag Familienbande publishes a variety of books to coach young parents about upbringing and educating their children.

          • Doyen Verlag (German)

            Doyen Verlag publishes for a German-speaking audience, manuscripts of „old“, traditional or aristocratic families who dream of sharing their memories and thoughts in the form of memoirs, life-retrospects or anecdotes.

          • Éditions Vie (French)

            Francophone wellness enthusiats appreciate Editions Vie‘s catalog which revolves around fitness and healthy lifestyle.

          • Roditelskie Vstrechi (Russian)

            The Russian publisher Roditelskie Vstrechi dedicates its publishing services to family-life subjects, written by parents, for parents.

          • Editorial Redactum (Spanish)

            Hispanophone journalists can revive yet unpublished manuscripts with Editorial Redactum.

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