VDM Publishing Group

A new generation of publishing houses

VDM Publishing (VDM) is a group of innovative publishing houses and service companies, offering a new approach to the book market worldwide.

Academic manuscript is the major publication-type promoted by VDM Publishing, however, other genres are also widely marketed, setting VDM Publishing as one of the leading groups of  publishing houses for the almost instantaneous publication and distribution of manuscripts.

With the latest print on demand (POD) technology, and its extension to the ‘print to order’ (PTO), VDM offers rapid local printing at the point-of-sale with no inventory required. The book is printed and sold via 3,000 online stores or at 80,000 booksellers worldwide immediately upon request.

Manuscripts are published free of charge for all authors, as the promotion of content and knowledge is our utmost priority.We release myriads of books: some 50,000 titles per month, and we have some 85,000 authors, which makes VDM Publishing Group one of the largest book publishers in the world.

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